The crew traveled to Marble Hill this week, the county seat of Bollinger County. Former Prosecuting Attorney Kenneth Shrum, Bollinger County Farm Bureau President Joe Newell, Sheila Porter with the Will Mayfield Heritage Foundation, Bob Long with the Bollinger County Historical Society and county resident Scott Mayfield joined our host,Read More →

This week, the team is in the historic Iron County Courthouse to continue telling the history of Missouri one county at a time. Joining our host, Scott Faughn, is Presiding Commissioner Jim Scaggs, Western Commissioner Josh Campbell and John Abney with the Iron County Historical Society. Iron County is locatedRead More →

On this week’s podcast, we are in Lamar, the county seat for Barton County. We were joined by Presiding Commissioner Mike Davis, Barton County Historical Society Board Member Pauletta Orahood and Historical Society volunteer Joe Davis to talk about the history, agriculture and events of Barton County. Barton County isRead More →

This week, the crew traveled to Old McDonald County Courthouse to talk with Eastern Commissioner John Bunch, current Representative and soon-to-be Presiding Commissioner Bill Lent and his wife Jane Lynch about the history and culture of the county. McDonald County is located in the southwest corner of the state. ItRead More →

This week on Show Me Missourah, we head to Shelby County where Presiding Commissioner Glenn Eagan, Shelby County Economic Development Director & President of Historic Bethel German Colony, Wendy Brumbaugh and Shelby County Historical Society, President Kathleen Wilham join the episode to talk about the history, agriculture and events ofRead More →