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Missouri History

May 19, 2022

Gary Kremer spoke with Scott Faughn about the state of Missouri, specifically its rich history. Kremer is the current Executive Director of the Missouri State Historical Society and has been since 2004. During the interview, he also talks about his own personal history in the state as a 5th generation Missourian. 

First, Kremer recounted his family history. He is from Ozark county, the county his German ancestors migrated to during the 1840s. Kremer described the community he grew up in as two things, German and Catholic. Faugh and Kramer also discussed the history of German Americans and their role in the Civil War, as well their “Mount Rushmore” of Missouri senators. Kremer also dives into the intricacies of Missourians and their complex relationship with their counties and regions. 

After getting a bachelors of arts in history and a masters in history from Lincoln University, Kremer pursued a PhD in history at American University in Washington DC. Kremer has gone to work at many of the large Mid-Missouri Universities, teaching history at Lincoln University, William Woods University and the University of Missouri Columbia. He also served as the state archivist in the late 1980s and is an author of a multitude of books regarding Missouri and its history. 

We hope you enjoy this deep dive into Missouri history with our very own Scott Faughn and the esteemed Gary Kremer of the Missouri State Historical Society.