This week we traveled to Boonville, MO; county seat of Cooper County. Our guests Kelly Smith, Ann Betteridge, Bill Betteridge, and Commissioner Don Baragary were kind enough to host us in the beautiful and historic Thespian Hall. Ann, the author of Discover Cooper County by Looking Back, tells the storiesRead More →

This episode takes us to California, MO; county seat of Moniteau County. You’ll hear the “local flavor” in Burgher Haus as Scott chats about the county’s history with Caleb Jones, Mac Finley, Sarah Jones, and Jack Bowlin. Jack describes the discovery of this area, and the founding of Moniteau county.Read More →

This week we had the pleasure of traveling to Farmington, MO; county seat of St. Francois County. The crew was joined by Commissioner Harold Gallagher, Kenny Kollmeyer of the Missouri Farm Bureau, Associate Commissioner Patrick Mullins, and Kevin Engler hereby known as Mr. Farmington. The boundaries of St. Francois CountyRead More →

This week on Show Me Missourah, our adventure took us to Steelville, MO: county seat of Crawford County. Here, we got to sit down for a one-on-one with County Clerk John Martin. Mr. Martin and our host Scott Faughn discussed tourism in Crawford County, as well as the local geography.Read More →

This week we journeyed to Montgomery County where our crew was lucky enough to sit down with Anita Sullivan, Walter D. McQuie Jr, Norma Mueller, and Matt Harris. Each of these folks have roots in Montgomery County going all the way back to the early 1800’s. Established December 14th 1818Read More →

On this week’s episode of telling the history of Missouri one county at a time, the crew stopped in Maries County. Our host, Scott Faughn, was joined by Presiding Commissioner Victor Stratman, Historical Society members John Viessman and Laura Shermeyer and Steve Vogt, former Mayor of the City of Belle.Read More →

This week on the podcast, the crew is at the home of Irish Wilderness, Oregon County to continue telling the history of Missouri one county at a time. Our host, Scott Faughn, was joined by Presiding Commissioner Patrick Ledgerwood, Cooperative CEO Dan Singletary and Farm Bureau representative Jinks Wynn toRead More →