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Cooper County

May 11, 2019

This week we traveled to Boonville, MO; county seat of Cooper County. Our guests Kelly Smith, Ann Betteridge, Bill Betteridge, and Commissioner Don Baragary were kind enough to host us in the beautiful and historic Thespian Hall.

Ann, the author of Discover Cooper County by Looking Back, tells the stories of Cooper County’s origin and etymology. She also describes construction of the courthouse amongst other historical accounts.

Commissioner Baragary enlightens us to the political makeup of Cooper County, and highlights some of the individuals the have nurtured the growth of Boonville and Cooper County.


Kelly explains why so many people from this area end up gravitating back during their life’s journey. She also describes some of the historic landmarks, restaurants, and tourism sites.

Bill Betteridge gives us some first hand accounts of what growing up in Cooper County was like in the 60’s and 70’s, and illustrates how the important values of that time have continued to shine through to today.

We always look forward to meeting new Missourians and learning the history of their home counties. A pleasant trip to Boonville comes highly recommended by our crew. Thanks for listening to this episode of Show Me Missourah, keep an eye out for the next episode.