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Moniteau County

April 20, 2019

This episode takes us to California, MO; county seat of Moniteau County. You’ll hear the “local flavor” in Burgher Haus as Scott chats about the county’s history with Caleb Jones, Mac Finley, Sarah Jones, and Jack Bowlin.

Jack describes the discovery of this area, and the founding of Moniteau county. He also tells many of the early stories that have been passed down locally.

Sarah highlights interesting facts relating to the courthouse and history of government in Moniteau County, while Mac delves into the business and economic side of things.

We talked about the Civil War in the county before Caleb told us all about the continuing growth of this area and some fun facts relating to current events.

Moniteau County has an appealing proximity to the capital, an amazing historic courthouse, and a wealth of local attractions like the Finke Theatre.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Show Me Missourah as much as we enjoyed getting to meet and talk with these folks. Thanks for checking out the podcast, keep an eye out for a new episode coming soon.