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Barry Orscheln

May 18, 2019

This week our podcast took us to Orscheln Farm and Home in Columbia, MO to sit down with CEO Barry Orscheln of Orscheln Industries.

Mr. Orscheln was kind enough to dive into the history of his company, and explain a few steps of the journey that brought his organization to the level of success that it has today.

He also tells us about some of the trials inherent with a retail sales business, and gives advice to today’s entrepreneurs interested in working in this space. He explains the importance of cultivating a strong team, and describes the roles he has filled in public service.

It’s always great to meet Missourians like Barry Orscheln and learn the history of these unique individuals. Stop into an Orscheln Farm and Home store next time you have need of any outdoor supplies. Thanks for listening to this episode of Show Me Missourah, keep an eye out for the next episode.