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Shannon County

August 7, 2019

This week, the show traveled to Eminence, MO; county seat of Shannon County. We had a panel of true to life hillbillies, knowledgeable of everything going on along Missouri’s scenic hills and river ways. The panel included Rick Mansfield, President of the Ozark Heritage Profit, Judy Stewart, Manager of the Shannon County Museum, Alderman John Stewart, and politician John Mark Brewer.

This week’s experts were exactly that, being born and raised in Missouri’s hill life. With stories of fighting agains the government’s environmental restrictions to keep their rivers their own to their mother’s telling them not to go digging in the backyard as to not dig up any Civil War corpses, each of our panelists were fully emerged in the county’s history.

From the history of Blood Oaths to the very close community of the citizens that live there, the show got a look into the true life of a hillbilly this week. Tune into this show to hear the life for yourself!