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what is cast stone fireplacenoah love island australia

July 26, 2022

They make a very high quality, beautiful, stylish product that can easily suit any design style. Since 1998, DeVinci Cast Stone has specialized in the manufacturing and installation of . Flagship Store. For more than 20 years, Coral Stone has built a reputation for high-quality designs and workmanship. Pearl Mantels Celeste Fireplace Mantel Shelf.

704-363-1598. This makes it much lighter weight and easier to maneuver. Rinse with water. One of the prime reasons for having a mantel is to make the entire room look even more elegant. But don't confuse this material with architectural precast concrete. For this reason almost all floors will be able to bear the weight of the fireplace. Even if . The majority of marble fireplaces weigh 23 stone, which is indeed very heavy. Cast stone is easier to create and mold versus natural stone needs to be quarried and cut. Commercial Projects. Navigation

A well-installed brick or stone wood-burning fireplace can last over 100 years, so this is an investment that will be a near permanent part of the home. We work with designers, builders and homeowners to imagine, design, manufacture and install the perfect cast stone product for your space. Here are some of the aspects that support this claim. We give you Fireplace Mantel made of great cast limestone. Select the image from the choices that comes closest to the Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel you are looking for. It is used for architectural features: trim, or ornament; facing buildings or other structures; statuary; and for garden ornaments.Cast stone can be made from white and/or grey cements, manufactured or natural sands, crushed stone or .

Not surprising then, Cast Stone products are available in virtually any color . Residential Project. Cast stone fireplace mantels are great because they can be made custom to go around most fireboxes. It is created by mixing crushed bits of limestone, sand or other aggregate, and a bonding agent until a thick liquid paste is formed. Pearl Mantels Zachary Non-Combustible Mante . Step 14. Cast Stone Fireplace. Once you've exposed the raw masonry, mix up a batch of thinset concrete and spread it over the surface of the brick using a broad, flat hand trowel. Cover an outdated brick fireplace with contemporary tile. What is a cast stone fireplace? Wood Mantels versus Stone Mantels Every homeowner has to make the decision between selecting a wood fireplace mantel or a stone fireplace mantel. Cast concrete, by its nature, tends to be rougher and heavier. - Clean the exterior of the fireplace with a damp cloth. There are pros and cons to both types, so it's best to consider the following points before making your selection. You might have already come across a cast stone fireplace in your research. Check out our cast stone fireplace selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. The Stone Mantels is long lasting and admirable. Sincerely, Jay Barham, Partner. Case in point: The Egyptian pyramids. Cast Stone is made from fine and coarse aggregates, Portland cement, mineral oxide color pigments, chemical admixtures and water. - Sweep or vacuum the fireplace and chimney regularly to remove any built-up soot or ash. Whether you are looking for a cast fireplace mantel with elaborate detail or clean lines, our commitment to quality ensures your needs are exceeded and your stone mantel stands the test of time. Artisan Kraft offers a high quality GFRC making feel and look like real limestone. Custom Features. Strong, durable material created by nature. This is a paneled style design. Cast Fireplaces, Inc. Many limestone's have fossils and other features which can't be replicated in cast stone. Cast Stone Fireplaces/Cast Stone Mantles. More Styles. Standard residential stone fireplaces are rarely more than 48" wide. press to zoom. We have . Custom stone fireplaces made of marvel, soapstone, or granite can cost $12,000 depending on the cut and density. Final color selection should always be made from physical samples. We have recently expanded our range to offer you an excellent choice of 17 standard fireplaces, mantels and chimney piece surrounds from the elegantly simple and understated to the elaborate and intricately designed. Cast stone, on the other hand, is not technically stone at all; instead, it's a type of concrete that has been designed and dyed to simulate natural stone. (540) 943-9808. The faux stone fireplace above was created with GenStone Kenai stacked stone panels and 90 corner pieces. As a day-to-day regimen one should follow a dusting routine, to keep the fireplace, mantel and range hood clean. A stone fireplace veneer costs anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 or more. Vacuum the area around the fireplace to remove any debris.

Cast Fireplace mantels and surrounds are designed and created in Atlanta, GA and can be shipped anywhere in USA. Give us a call 818-272-1824. Cast stone is reconstructed stone that is made to look natural through a highly refined process. 1 Review. I would highly recommend Charlotte Architectural Casting as a cast stone fabricator and installer. Concrete is a Portland cement, sand and aggregate based material. Tuesday, January 27, 2009. One would always have the option of not using a mantel and simply putting a simple tile surround around the firebox . Cast Stone Pros In terms of cast stone, there are a few positives. We continue to approach this situation with empathy and urgency. Hence, naturally, the mantel itself should look stunning to start with. Installation happens in a matter minutes and can be accomplished by the customer. Create a whitewash mixture with paint and water (ratio 1:1) and stir. Call Skip at 928-595-2317. Cast stone colors are very natural and are made to . I love the look of modern cast stone fireplaces (think Shea McGee's living room) but I'm not in love with the price tag. The average stone fireplace costs $6,250 for materials and installation. Our cast stone is made from limestone giving it the best look and highest quality. +1 (214) 273-0084. Depending on what project you'd like to tackle and what your budget and personal style is, cast stone may be the perfect material for you. Cast stone is a highly refined white Portland concrete material manufactured to simulate natural cut stone. The Berkley 48" Fireplace Mantel Mdf White Paint by Pearl Mantels (118) $585. Because cast stone is made from natural materials, some variations should be expected. 0. Our hollow fiberglass reinforced cement process produces a lighter weight easier to install product perfect for you project. Installation available in GA and surrounding states. 3. Test the paint by brushing it over a stone and see if you like the look or if you need to add additional paint for more coverage.. Cast Stone Fireplace. $750. It can easily be cast in molds to create a highly durable and weather resistant product. The legs have recessed panels as well as the mantel shelf. Our Cast Limestone Fireplace Mantels are the finest stone fireplace mantels available. At Old World Stoneworks, we make our beautiful mantels and range hoods from manmade stone modeled after Indiana limestone. Most range from $3,000 to $7,500 but a custom, real stone design built by a mason is pricier.Outdoor fireplaces cost $3,000 on average (though again, custom work will raise the price).. Stone veneer is also known as "faux stone." It's made of cement and other materials that make it a lot lighter than actual stone. Hardscapes & Landscapes Features. Clean the stones using soap and water or brick and stone spray cleaner and a scrub brush. There are many reasons why you should opt for cast stone. Cast stone can be colored depending on design demands and replicated throughout a building. Cast stone fireplace mantels that are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. 4 Reviews. Custom cast stone architectural products, fireplace surrounds and mantels, and landscaping and hardscaping items for residential installations, including columns, door and window surrounds, sills, balustrades, railings, wall caps, pool coping, pavers, fountains, fireplaces, pots and planters, benches, tables, and mailboxes from 101 Cast Stone, Atascadero, CA Elegantly designed and detailed with care, a cast stone fireplace will be the perfect addition to your home. Cast stone is the flag bearer of customized modern fireplaces and is a popular choice among homeowners due to its easy and affordable upkeep. 8939 DirectorsS Row. More Styles. Our cast stone is crafted to last. Cast Stone is a masonry product that provides ornamental or functional features to buildings and other structures. Comes in several textures that give it a different look and feel. Stone Magic cast stone fireplace mantels are beautiful, graceful and elegant. In 2011, we were looking to renovate our fireplace - one of the few things we had put off during our downstairs renovation in 2010. Material samples can be ordered from any mantel page. Haddonstone has an outstanding collection of lovely cast stone fireplaces, mantels, chimney piece surrounds and hearths. . Stone Fireplaces. Also Know, how much does it cost to install a fireplace? HearthCo has been the West Coast's leading manufacturer of cast stone fireplace mantels and cast stone surrounds and hearth products for over 20 years. We have recently expanded our range to offer you an excellent choice of 17 standard fireplaces, mantels and chimney piece surrounds from the elegantly simple and understated to the elaborate and intricately designed. It has all the benefits of a stone fireplace with a few added perks due to the fabrication process. Every component is designed, developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards. $459.99 $376.95. Our leverage to this success is our ability to offer flexibility and options to our customers, as well as, our prompt 5 day installation. Whatever . Compare that to cast stone (concrete) or natural stone alternatives weighing in at an average of 17 pounds per square foot and you can easily see why anything but GenStone will put a tremendous amount of stress on the wall. The national average cost for stone fireplace installation is $3,000 to $5,000, although an authentic masonry fireplace constructed by a stone craftsman could push the price tag up to $10,000 or more. Fireplace Installation Cost. If you like what you see, contact us today with the appropriate reference number (s) below or we can create any design you see in magazines, Pinterest, HOUZ or other design sites. Cast stone is one of the best ways to get that limestone-look fireplace that is in many European chateaus and becoming more popular for our modern homes.