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July 26, 2022

Beautiful, bright red, hooded, trumpet-shaped flowers on tall, upright stems cover the dense thicket of glossy deep green foliage. Plant patented. Item Package Size. Plant database entry for Penstemon Riding Hood Red with 31 images, one comment, and 26 data details. Prepare the garden by breaking up the existing soil (use a hoe, spade, or power tiller) to a depth of 12-16" (30-40cm). Product is Out of Stock They are borne is spikes or clusters. This easy-to-grow perennial makes a unique, vibrant statement in the garden and is lovely when cut for bouquets. Out of stock. Alpharetta GA #172. Deadheading will also prolong flowering, but be sure to leave a few seed heads on the stalks toward the end of the season so your plants can reseed. Call 1-800-374-5035. Zones US, MS, LS; USDA 6-8. Phlox Red Riding Hood - Common name:Garden Phlox - Cherry red!

. The nickname of beardtongue refers to the pollen-free stamen that protrudes from the flower, resembling a bearded iris in this aspect. The PennState Extension recommends cutting back the stems to roughly 2 inches above the soil using bypass shears. Native to the Rocky Mountains and southwest US. Also a good cut flower. Riding Hood Red' has dramatic spikes of lipstick red, tubular flowers that bloom for most of the summer and send our hummingbirds into conniptions! A dramatic display in the perennial border or lovely arranged in your favorite vase. En automne, aprs la floraison, le penstemon forme des fruits (capsules) ovodes qui schent, brunissent, et s'ouvrent maturit pour librer de nombreuses petites graines.. Les penstemons sont des plantes vivaces, mais ils peuvent tre cultivs comme des annuelles dans les rgions les plus froides. Taffy series. For containers look to the Patio Bell Series, while the easy-going Elgar Series are particularly long-flowering, and for colder gardens the Riding Hood Series have been bred to withstand chilly winters. Plant number: 1.405.280. Penstemon 'Red Riding Hood' is a fantastic 2008 introduction from the breeding program of Holland's Remy Lubbe. PENSTEMON 'Red Riding Hood' (#PENRRH4 - MR02) PENSTEMON 'Red Riding Hood' Penstemon Red Riding Hood-hishtil.jpg. You're Shopping You're Shopping. SKU.

The flowers are loved by hummingbirds. U.S. native. Learn more about why we think . Penstemon Seeds & Plants. Penstemon 'Riding Hood' Red Penstemon 'Riding Hood' Red Red Riding Hood has good basal branching and thick glossy leaves. One of the best Phlox reds. . Item Number Size A prolific flowering variety that will provide long-lasting color for perennial beds and borders, rock gardens, and patio containers. Penstemon plants are herbaceous perennials that feature lance-shaped foliage and spikes of tubular flowers. Burst the seed heads by pinching them in your fingers inside the bag. Uses: Container, Middle Border, Mixed Border. Description: Beautiful, bright red, tubular flowers on long stems cover this hummingbird attracting variety. Penstemon attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden. Email This Product. Penstemon 'Red Riding Hood' Beardtongue. Patent No: PP#18,950; Height: 24" - 36" Width: 18" - 24" Soil Conditions: Dry; Flower Color: Red; Bloom Time: June, July, August, September; Hardiness Zone: 5 To 9; Plant Calculator Future Crop Dates. Upright flower stems appear in mid-spring and carry spikes of bright red tubular flowers into early fall. This hybrid selection forms a low clump of thick, glossy green foliage, with upright spikes appearing in early summer. Please select a location Category: Perennials. Bright red flowers with white throats are very long flowering. By SassyBluejay; By Tom_F_GA . Narrow green leaves, compact stems. Call: 1-402-423-1133; Vibrant red flowers spring and summer. Penstemon Red Riding Hood From 11.99 Pack of 3 Supplied as 9cm Pot grown plants Pack of 6 Supplied as 9cm Pot grown plants 9cm Pot grown plants Delivery from early September Suitable for planting in sunny and partially shaded locations Suitable for growing in pots and containers Summer flowering time GREEN foliage colour RED flowering Colour Learn More. Compared to Penstemon digitalis 'Husker Red', 'Dark Towers' is bigger and stronger, with pink-purple flowers that create a harmonious combination with the dark foliage. Learning Library Homepage; Plant Care Guides; Food Gardening Guides . 4 vendors have this plant for sale. This usually occ. It has a deep red perpetual flowering all summer and a scarlet bell shaped flower covesr the slender stems. Bright red, thimble shaped blooms grace strong stems on upright plants with a compact habit. There are more than 250 penstemon species, and many of them are native to North America. Skip to content. On display from late . Read less PLEASE SELECT Qty Add to Cart IF you can, remove one of the damaged leaves, take it over a sheet of kitchen paper and . Penstemon x 'Red Riding Hood' (Beardtongue) PP#18,950 quantity. Bright red summer blooming perennial. Penstemon schmidel Red Riding Hood Beardtongue: Patent PP18950. Great cut flowers. Suggested uses. This beardtongue variety is notable for its prodigious masses of bright, intensely red 1 flowers and sturdy, stocky habit. Also known as beardtongue, these native wildflowers have a foxglove-like appearance and compact, bushy growth habit. Due to excessive shipping charges, we no longer ship to Alaska, California, Hawaii or outside the continental United States. Lets learn something together. Height 24-32". Picture Tags. Box 122, Elsah, IL 62028 Organic ingredients improve drainage, add nutrients, and encourage earthworms and other organisms that help keep soil . 'Husker Red' is a versatile garden perennial as a specimen, or as a cut flower. Compact, low branching growing habit reaching about 60cm Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9 Join now < > RHS RHS Save to My plants Buy this plant Plant nurseries 8 suppliers Size Ultimate height 0.5-1 metres Time to ultimate height 2-5 years It has a deep red perpetual flowering all summer and a scarlet bell shaped flower covesr the slender stems. Learning Library. 3 members have or want this plant for trade. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun with shelter from cold, drying winds and frost. Click on links below to jump to that question. Red Riding Hood. Growing 22 feet tall, the red, 1 inches flowers are a long-standing, summer show-off. Zones 5-9 'Red Riding Hood' Penstemon has bold, cherry-red spikes that form on compact, upright foliage and act as a magnet for hummingbirds and butterflies. Description; Complete Characteristics List; Cultivar name: 'Riding Hood Red' Common names. Plant. Login or Signup today! Drought resistant once established. The upright habit and long lasting color make this a great plant for perennial borders, rock gardens and cut flower . Foliage is a thick and glossy clump. Penstemon Red Riding Hood (deer resistant) $ 5.50. Penstemon schmidel 'Red Riding Hood' Beard-tongue Plant number: 1.405.270 Beard-tongues are native North American wildflowers, available in a surprising range of colours, heights and textures. Originating from the American Southwest, this superlative species offers flowers from late spring to the end of summer, enticing hummingbirds, bees and butterflies into the garden. Hardiness Zone: 5-8; Height: 8-24 in; Bloom Color: Red; $10.50. Buy 3 or more for $10.95 each. Penstemon General Information Penstemon are an American native with colorful tubular bell-shaped flowers. Common name: Beardtongue Bred for a long bloom time and superior cold hardiness, Red Riding Hood is all that plus an easy to care for perennial in hot, dry locations. Great cut flowers. It can be left in bed for garden dcor or used as cut flower. Q. This hybrid selection forms a low clump of thick, glossy green foliage, with upright spikes appearing in early summer. Origin: Hybrid. Along with those gorgeous flowers will come hordes of hummingbirds eager to drink the abundant nectar. Related Products.

The penstemon Riding Hood series is a spring-flowering perennial penstemon that comes in seven attractive colors: Red, Blue, Deft Blue, Hot Pink, Lavender, Marble-Cream and Purple. Q. Peneston,beardstongue - didn't bloom last year,cut back nice new leaves but still no flower.heard they dont live long,is the plant done?planted new . Beds and borders, Bees (attract & feed bees), City, Cottage/Informal. They are the perfect spotlight in garden beds, perennial borders or in decorative containers on the patio. As low as $12.99 Sale $10.39. Trumpet-shaped blossoms of coral-red arise on thick stems up to 2 ft. high on this Dutch selection of the beardlip penstemon. Plants of the new Penstemon can be compared to plants of Penstemon schmidel 'Red Riding Hood', disclosed in U.S. Plant Pat. Perennial: Evergreen. Campbell's Nursery - Design Center; Design Center at 56th and Pine Lake 5625 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE, 68516, U.S. Flower Season Summer Mature Size 16" 2' Height 12" - 16" Spread 18" - 2' Category: Live Plants Tag: Native Perennials. Adds a touch of class to any garden planting. This striking novelty offers a superb garden and container performance. A low-maintenance selection. Penstemon, the beardtongues, is a large genus of roughly 250 species of flowering plants native mostly to the Nearctic, but with a few species also found in the North American portion of the Neotropics. Prefers medium to dry, well drained soil.

Penstemon barbatus 'Riding Hood Red'. Hummingbirds love these blooms. Plant - 3" Pot. Product Code: 11625; Availability: Pre-Order; $45.15; Available Options. Penstemon 'Delft Red Riding Hood' Overview. Gardenality is a gardening-centric site made by gardeners for gardeners with tools that enhance any gardening for the expert to the weekend gardener. Border plant with tubular flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Riding Hood Red Beardtongue will grow to be about 18 inches tall at maturity extending to 24 inches tall with the flowers, with a spread of 18 inches. Hot Pink Riding Hood Beardtongue PP#23089. But according to Allan Armitage and other perennial experts, Bearded Tongue is the correct common name for the perennials. Penstemon 'Red Riding Hood' Red Riding Hood Beardtongue. Group/Class: Riding Hood Series.

Red Riding Hood Penstemon (Penstemon schmidel 'Red Riding Hood') is the stuff of fairy tales. Add to Cart. New foliage will flush at the base, widening the clump for a bigger better floral show next year. Uses: Beds, Borders, Containers, Cottage Gardens, Cut Flower, Mass Plantings, Naturalizing Penstemon Red Riding Hood 21. When grown in masses or used as a bedding plant, individual plants should be spaced approximately 14 inches apart. Avoid too moist (wet feet). For More Information or to Buy: Share On Facebook. It's nectar-rich, tubular scarlet flowers are tailor-made to meet the needs of every hungry hummingbird in your neighborhood.